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Weight Loss Services

Obesity is associated with serious conditions including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Cancer, and Heart Disease. Studies show that only 2 % of diets are successful. At Advanced Aesthetic Medicine, the doctor will design a program specific to your successful weight loss goals.

wmd-weightloss The initial office visit starts with a discussion of your weight loss requirements, an extensive review of your history and an initial “weigh in” to determine your basal metabolic index. A special doctor—designed plan is then initiated with regular follow up visits to our office to keep track of your progress.

Prescription Appetite Suppressants

The medications act to reduce hunger by reducing preference for fat or carbohydrates, while increasing metabolic rate and fat burning. Overall weight loss at the end of 3 months is on average, 13% of body weight. Advanced Aesthetic Medicine will choose the most effective agent to help you achieve your goals toward a healthier living.

The HCG Plan

weightlossThe HCG plan is a rapid weight loss protocol achieving on average, a 1-3 pound loss per day with no hunger. HCG is a natural hormone/protein substance that works to spare lean muscle and access abnormal fat stores to enhance their breakdown. Exercise is not needed to obtain successful results. Otherwise, a low calorie meal plan is combined with this program. Candidates of this plan are also able to obtain additional benefits of HCG including body re-sculpting, so weight loss is proportional in all areas, increased energy levels as compared to other low calorie diets, improved sleep habits and lower irritability without a sense of nervousness. Call Advanced Aesthetic Medicine today if you think this is the best plan for your needs.

MIC Plan (Methionine Inositol Choline)

This is a protocol that may be combined with the HCG Plan. Methionine assists with fat break down and digestive system absorption. Inositol is part of the B vitamin complex which also assist in fat breakdown, facilitation of the healthy cell membrane and the added benefit of preventing depression. Choline is a fat emulsifier purported to assist in controlling weight, keeping cell membranes healthy and preventing gallstones. Additional vitamins may also be added to this regimen to enhance your weight loss goals.

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